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2097,  Byhus Alaro Utvalda fastigheter

Alaro, Alaro, 07340, BALEARIC ISLANDS, Raiguer

Ref # : 2097

Fastigheter till salu 495.000 €
Huset har 60 m2 uteplats, 300 m2 byggt, 4 sovrum, 3 badrum, utrustat kök, vardagsrum, matsal, parkering. Detta hus har renoverats med mycket charm. Huset ligger mycket nära stadens centrum, 2 minuters promenad från torget. Huset har en fin uteplats och gott om utrymmen inuti huset.


  • Dokumentation och Fastighetsskick
  • Certificato Energetico : Pågående
  • Cedula de Habitabilidad : Pågående
  • Landskapszoner
  • Raiguer
  • By eller lokalitet : Alaro
  • Administrativ kommun : Alaró
  • 800px Escudo de Alaró

    Localització dAlaró respecte de Mallorca

  • Om den här platsen :

    Alaró is situated at the highest point in a valley on the southern slopes of the Tramuntana Mountain range in Mallorca and is part of the Raiguer region of Mallorca which runs the length of the eastern side of the Tramuntana. Originally believed to be part of an Arab farmstead called Oloron, Alaró’s first written recorded history starts with the Catalan conquests of Mallorca in the 13th century. By the 19th century and into the 20th century Alaró was central to many of the traditional crafts and industries of the Raiguer region. Shoemaking it is still home to the workshop of Tony Mora, a company renowned globally for handmade cowboy boots. Charcoal once collected in the forests of the Tramuntana but replaced by coal from the Raiguer as the demanded for power increased in the age of steam and the island built its first train routes. The architecture and narrow streets are typical of the villages in the foothills of the Tramuntana, the ancient roads and footpaths from the north to south of Mallorca still meet at the lower entrance to the village, and much of the landscape feels untouched as you climb above the village to the hamlet of Orient hidden in a village behind Castell d’Alaro one of the areas best know landmarks. The village as with all of those of the region has multiple festivals, for Alaró the Saint Roque celebration which place in the week leading up to the 16th of August is the most important of the year, and it is known for the procession of giant figures in the main square. Though the year Alaró has a weekly market every Saturday from 8:00 until 14:00 selling local fresh produce and clothes.


Grundläggande information

Säng: 4
Badrum: 3
Kvadratmeter: 300.00


Antal våningar: 3
Golvyta (Totalt): 300
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